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Niamh is forced to flee from the Nadur after it’s destroyed by the Raven Queen’s Fomor Army.  But why is she being hunted?

Maev –  The Raven Queen

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As a teenager Maev is given a magical cloak of raven feathers by her father.  Sold into an arranged marriage to settle a political grievance with another Fae King she is abused and beaten.  To save herself Maev makes a deal with the banshee that will continue to haunt her for the rest of her life.  Gifted with dark magical powers she grows in the shadows to become The Raven Queen.


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Lorcan is the captain of Maev’s Fomor army and the only living being allowed to bear weapons in her presence.  Like a son Maev trusts him with her life.  He wears black armour over his massive reptilian physique and the thick scales of his skin are scarred from a lifetime of war.


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Crown prince of the Fae, Jareth is rebellious, handsome and arrogant.  Never one to play by the rules he fights with two swords to terrify his enemies. Will he be Niamh’s friend or foe?


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Niamh’s childhood friend from the Nadur.  Rauri is a talented hunter and tracker who helps Niamh to escape when the Fomor’s attack.









Rauri’s loyal wolfhound.  He’d run through the gates of hell for Niamh or Rauri.









Niamh’s mentor.  On the surface he seems like an old man with lots of books and stories of an ancient Ireland ruled by the Fae.  But looks can be deceiving!











The Grogoch is a mythical creature, half faery, half man, who can become invisible.  An outcast to both humans and fae, he is the only living soul apart from Maev who knows the location of the stone circle, the magic portal to the faery realm.  But will Niamh’s offer of friendship be enough to persuade him to help her?


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Abcan is guardian of the bronze boat of myth and legend that ferries people to the faery realm.  He is a fearsome warrior with a double-headed battle-axe.


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Breena is the beautiful queen of the Fae and guardian of the cauldron of Dagda, one of the four treasures Maev is desperate to get her hands on.  Her powers are intimately tied to nature and the wild.  She often appears as a snowy owl.











Kalen is King of the Fae.  Proud and arrogant like his son Jareth.  He sits on the twisted and ancient oak throne of the Fae kingdom and dispenses justice.  Like Breena he can transform into an owl at will.  Not known for their kindness will the Fae treat Niamh better than they treated Maev?









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